WebWork 2.2: Released and ready for Struts!


  • Full support for Java 5 Annotations and Generics
  • Rich AJAX support using DWR and Dojo
  • New QuickStart tool makes development easier than ever
  • Tons more documentation with over 900 PDF pages!
  • Client side validation using AJAX or plain JavaScript
  • Built in support for Continuations
  • JSR168/Portlet support for several popular Portlet servers, including Pluto
  • Rich UI template framework with native support for JSP, FreeMarker, and Velocity
  • Native support for Spring and Pico IOC containers
  • More intelligent error reporting
  • Developer Mode makes building webapps even easier with improved error reporting
  • Simplified tag syntax
  • Advanced data binding framework that works with any object, including domain objects


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