yahoo 又收购了,这次是 SearchFox

来自 的新闻:

Reliable sources are reporting that SearchFox, which announced that it will be shutting down as of January 25, 2006, has sold its assets to Yahoo. At least some of the employees have moved over to Yahoo as well.

There is no indication of price. It is unclear whether this was a
straight acquisition resulting in the announced shutdown, or if Yahoo
stepped in after the announcement for an opportunistic deal.
Regardless, it’s nice to now that the SearchFox product will (or may)
live on.

SearchFox 是一个不错的服务,现在满天的rss在线阅读的工具,但是他会收集用户的阅读习惯,来给用户推荐他“想要阅读的”文章


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